What kinds of tests have you done?

We have used Heart Rate Variability (HQHeart Quest) and its ability to measure brain activity. Results showed lowering of brain activity when exposed to EMR. We have also used kinesiology with assistance from Dr. Dennis Cousinau. This test can be performed with subjects in the field. Dr. Bernd-Helmut Kroeplin author of, “The World in a Drop.” He and his research team to conduct saliva tests using mobile phone radiation and PROTXS. Nena Niessen, author of, “The Secret Life of Plants,” and “Cures From The Kitchen” has worked with a group of UCLA Medical Students to conduct blood tests using our product as well.

First thank you so much for your interest in WAVEEX – the mobile technology enhancement chip. To give you a quick overview, please use this download link:
In the root-directory you can find a READ-ME which will guide you. You will see our flyer, which explains WAVEEX.

There are 3 types of studies/certificates:

1) Basic one: This is the Desk Reseach from Dr. Bärtels where you can the most important studies concerning mobile radiation out now. And then there is the study “waterresonances” by Dr. Medinger, showing how WAVEEX affects frequencies inside water.

2) physical one: In these studies you can see, how WAVEEX affects the ExtremeLowFrequency ElectroMagneticField gradients. What these gradients do to our body, you can see on page 2 of the folder.

3) medical one: Measurements of the blood count in a dark field and measuring HRV done by a ECG equipment to determine the bodies stress level. Both prove the positive effect of WAVEEX to our body when using cell phones. Additional you can see water crystal photography after the method of Dr. Emoto and the Nobel Prize of 2003 in chemistry.

Every claim we make, we can prove. Also we are just finalizing the contracts with the first cell phone producers – 2 more are in negotiation. Believe me, they checked our product. Otherwise they would not spend additional money for their production.

Here you can find some pictures about WAVEEX in Austrian pharmacies. https://cloudlogin.world4you.com/index.php/s/8giK3v5L2B41ZWC
(We had to take the photos when it was closed. Because we are not allowed to shoot photos in pharmacies when people are in.)

We call the current WAVEEX-chip “WAVEEX for mobile devices”. That means, it works on every device which emits radio frequency and operates on DC and where you can access the converter or the battery.


Biological assessments

Water specialist Bernd Bruns, Wiesbaden: Dark field view – How WAVEEX positively influences our blood count.

Expertise i-bmr Dr. Elisabeth Plank: Stress measurement by means of ECG – How WAVEEX reduces the physical stress level.


Physical measurements

Measurement and evaluation report Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger: Examination of the resonances in water – How WAVEEX positively affects the frequencies in the water.

Expertise IIREC Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger Nov. 2011: Expertise on the magnetic field-balancing effect – How WAVEEX smoothes the magnetic field.

Expertise IIREC Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger Jan. 2014: Certificate for magnetic field balancing effect – How WAVEEX smoothes the magnetic field.
Measuring results supervised by BUREAU VERITAS: Inspection Certificate, BV Job No .: VIN 4.14.010